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The Wink Lash Lounge is the only salon in Metro Detroit where you can achieve the full and sexy eyelashes you’ve always wanted.

High Quality

Wink Lash Lounge only allows Nova lash certified and highly trained stylists to apply eyelash extensions. Our quality and skill is our pride and our reputation!

Your Style

From long and thick to light and wispy, select from different lengths, thicknesses, and curl to fit your style.


Eyelash extensions are applied lash by lash. Meaning each natural lash is adhered to an extension leaving your look very natural and comfortable if properly applied.

At Wink Lash Lounge we are dedicated to giving our clientele the safest and highest quality experience. We are committed to using only the best products. Our experienced certified team will give you a sense of confidence and sexiness with beautiful, natural looking lashes! At Wink Lash Lounge we will ensure that you will walk out feeling and looking amazing!

Lash Extensions

What are eyelash extensions? Eyelash extensions add length, thickness and fullness to natural eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are the best way to give you the very longest, fullest lashes that you were never born with.

Because the extensions are applied individually and not in clusters or strips they take on the natural form of your real lashes. They are your lashes, just enhanced. This creates lashes that are as glamorous, full, long and dramatic as you’re willing to go! When properly applied they will not damage or prevent growth of your natural lashes unlike other popular lash procedures.

Wink Lash Lounge Michigans #1 Nova-lash eyelash Extentionist

At Wink Lash Lounge we offer only the highest quality products from Nova Lash. Nova lash is the only lash extension product that is:

  • AEWCA approved
  • American made
  • Medical grade
  • Physicians Formulated

Visit for more info or for safety information.

Long Lasting

Eyelash extensions can last indefinitely with routine maintenance. Fills are needed every 3 to 4 weeks depending on your own natural growth cycle. Natural lashes have a growth and release cycle and as the lash cycles out a new one grows in.

Pain Free

Every Wink Lash Lounge procedure is pain free and relaxing. Typically the initial set takes one and a half to two hours. Your eyes remain closed throughout the entire process and some clients even fall asleep. Not only do they wake up looking beautiful but they feel revived and energized!


Nova Lash carries an aftercare pad which keep the lashes conditioned, cleansed and free of free radicals and debris. Made from pomegranate extract seed oil, regular use of these pads will keep lashes moisturized and flexible. You will be provided with a complementary mascara wand to brush and maintain your brand new lashes.

Easy Care

Remember: no water or products for 12 to 24 hours on the extensions. Never pull, pick or tug. Never use an eyelash curler. Maintain with regular touch up.


Mascara can be used on extensions, however, Wink suggests the following guidelines: 1. Never use waterproof mascara. It will dissolve the adhesive. 2. Constant use is not needed or recommended. 3. Use only Carbonite free and glycol free mascaras. Wink strongly recommends Novalash’s patented formula. It goes on smooth and comes off easy with warm water and mild soap.

Unlimited Styles

At Wink Lash Lounge we will contour your lashes to whatever look you’re trying to obtain. We are ready to create various lengths, thicknesses, and curl. We do not charge for a thicker, fuller look. So whether you want the longest, thickest, most glamorous look, the conservative short and full look, or if you’re looking for a light and wispy style; we do it all! Tell us what you want and that is what you’ll get!


 Volume Lashes

Volume Full set eyelash extensions  |  $250
Fills*  |  $75
Mini Fill | $55 (30 min)

Classic Lashes

Classic full set | $185
Classic fill | $65
Mini  classic fill | $45 (30 min)

*For clients coming from a previous stylist, initial fill  |  $100
*Extended fill add $25 (additional 30 min)

Lash Express

Full set | $60
*fills are not available for Lash Express.

Brow Wax/Lip Wax

$12 / $10

Full Face Wax


Eyebrows Microblading

Initial set  | $500 with free 4 wk touch up.
Scars & tails |$200
Touch ups | $125

About The Owner

Nikki Gonzales Nova-lash Expert Eyelash Extentionist

Nichole Gonzales is owner and founder of Wink Lash Lounge. She has been creating unique eyelash extensions since 2008 and has been building a clientele base by word of mouth and social media ever since. You can find her at the top of Google’s list for best eyelash extensions in Michigan. Known for quality work at great prices, her goal is to give every woman the lashes of their dreams!

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